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****This web site is dedicated to replicating the costumes of legends: those from classic films or ones worn by iconic celebrities.****
****Due to interference by 'the powers that be', we have been forced to remove any and all film references in any form: art work, images or photography.*****
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Have you ever dreamed of moonlight and magnolias? Have you ever watched a film and just wanted a dress like those dreamy gowns? If you have always wanted one of these costumes and did not know where to find one or have one made, you have come to the perfect place. Gwtw4ever's seamstress has spent many years studying every aspect of the costumes in film. Her life long experience in tailoring has made her one of the best in her field of costuming. She can recreate "any" costume from her major field of interest as well as other films . She has recreated these costumes in every size from the tiny 4 inch dolls to giant dolls of 4 foot tall as well as life size.  She is best known in the last ten years for the accurate fashion doll patterns she has drafted and written.  If you have come in search of the "best of the best" in costuming, you have found it here. Please take time to browse the " About the Seamstress" page and look around at our galleries of truly gorgeous museum quality reproduction gowns.

Enjoy your visit to Gwtw4ever.com.
If you have any questions please email us at gwtw4ever2@earthlink.net
 and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. While here take a look at our For Sale page of  collectibles and visit our Fashion Doll Gallery pages.

Latest News

We have received many requests in regards for  Gwtw4ever making children's and adult Halloween costumes. We do not do "Halloween" quality costumes for either size. We pride ourselves in our ability to bring you museum quality reproduction gowns and hats. The difference in our reproduction gowns and the Halloween costumes are quality of materials, labor, and the  resulting costs involved.   
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Floral Print Dress
For the ultimate back yard BBQ

White Ruffles & Lace Dress
For an afternoon on the porch.

Alternate Ruffle Dress
A different version

The "Red" Garnet Gown
To really be noticed at a Birthday party

Red & White Christmas Dress
Holiday Goodbye.......

Green Jacquard Dinner Dress
A dress for Christmas Dinner
WinterJacket & Muff
 For a wintery trip to the train station

Blue Velvet Portrait Gown
A portrait  to hang in the master suite

The Green Dress of Drapes
Saw it in the window and had to have it.....
Widow's Weeds
Mourning gown 1860's style

Velvet Mourning Gown
 Mourning in high style in 1870's

New Calico Dress
Alternate version

Distressed Calico Dress
Worn to a frazzle
The Calico Dresses
Both versions
Blue Jacket & White Dress
 An afternoon visiting outfit

The Wedding Gown
Marrying Civil War style
Carriage Ride Dress
For a dangerous afternoon ride by buggy

Pink Stripe Dress
Strolling baby on a Sunday morning

Red Velvet Robe
Avoid night time drinking else a Row & Rape ensues

Green Velvet Robe
When No More Babies are in the cards

Green Stripe Walking Dress
County trip trousseau wear

Corset's & Underpinnings

chemise, pantalettes, slips, bustle pad and corset
 Red & WhiteVisiting Suit

Red and white Santa jacket, skirt, hat, & muff

 Black Mantel Gown
Late supper wear
Blue Velvet Riding Habit
For Victorian riding & pony jumping

Visit The Hatbox

 Hats to go with many of the dresses
as well as field hat and snoods

~Fashion Show~
Images from themed events and fashion

~North & South~

 Riding dress
 Pink Riding Dress

Pink Stripe Dinner Gown


The Blue & White Gingham Dress
For a fantasy trip to a wonderful world

~Gwtw4eveR also creates Renaissance Gowns~
Renaissance Gowns



~Inquire about Life size reproductions~

If  you are interested in having any of the life size reproduction costumes ( gowns etc. ) please email us with your current dress size and height and the costume you are interested in replicating. We will send you back a measurement chart for fitting. We are not limited to a particular film's costumes. If you would like any of the other dresses or costumes from other films we can discuss recreating them for you. Please send you inquiries about life-size dresses etc. to gwtw4ever2@earthlink.net.


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