This web site is dedicated to replicating the costumes of legends: those from classic films or ones worn by iconic celebrities.
Due to interference by 'the powers that be', we have been forced to remove any and all film references in any form: art work, images or photography.
We apologize for the lack of/missing comparison photos.
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UPDATED December 2013 !!

 First we wish to apologize for the lengthy delay in updating the site.
Microsoft Front page which this site was built with, was no longer being supported by Microsoft nor our web hosting service.
A lengthy delay ensued from finding someone to update the site and transfer everything to Expressions Web.
We have a new web mistresses who is working to get us all up to speed.

THANK YOU for your continued patience and for continuing to visit us.

We wanted to have a page here to update you on current projects and news from Gwtw4eveR.  We do want to thank everyone for the 10 years on the world wide web.
We have met so many wonderful costume and doll lovers over the past years.

We plan to use this page to update you on new projects as well as patterns and collectables we are working on or have completed.

Doll Patterns added are : BOTH Prince William and Kate Middleton ( Princess Catherine) Wedding outfits as well as a Tuxedo for Rhett Butler and other 17" male dolls and Grace Kelly's aqua Oscar Awards dress.
Recently released is a Replica of the Manufacturer's Blue Portrait Dress- as well as  Manufacturer's Replica PETTICOATS & HOOP SLIPS .

Just released is Grace Kelly's gold lame Masquerade Ball Gown from "To Catch a Thief"; this pattern is only available on auction  until the next new pattern release.

In the construction phase are:  Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Ultimate Little Black Dress, Yellow Dotted Swiss Prayer Dress, Red Plaid visiting outfit and "North & South" uniforms for the men as well as everyone wanting Civil War patterns.

Life Sized projects in the works and planned:

We recently finished another Garnet Velvet Gown as well as another White Ruffles Dress and another BLUE PORTRAIT DRESS.  NEW pictures of these are being planned for their respective pages.

We have finished the RED VELEVT ROBE  and pictures are being added.

The Green Velvet Robe is underway. We have received the custom made embroidered sequin lapel trim and have been hunting the exact shade of green SILK VELVET for almost 2 years. We are  now negotiating for having it custom dyed.

Just finished ,  a complete costume of the Blue Velvet Jacket & White Dress. Pictures to be added soon.

Also finished after years of searching for the exact fabric, is BLUE OTTOMAN CARRIAGE RIDE costume. Pictures are being added also.

Still planned for this  later year / early next, is a new one for us:
GREEN & WHITE STRIPED WALKING DRESS. Note this dress is now "on hold".
We have had the materials for this  for over a year and  we are planning to start work on it.

Our seamstress has been entering the North Carolina State Fair on a regular basis with entries in both adult and doll costuming. She regularly takes the Blue Ribbons as well as many Best of Show. Photos of  some of these winning entries will also be added to the site.

So do check back often as we hope to be able to keep  all of you updated on our latest projects on a more regular schedule.

Thank you for visiting.

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