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This web site is dedicated to replicating the costumes of legends: those from classic films or ones worn by iconic celebrities.
Due to interference by 'the powers that be', we have been forced to remove any and all film references in any form: art work, images or photography.
We apologize for the lack of/missing comparison photos.
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Here you will find the page links to view the accurate Gwtw4eveR fashion doll patterns that fit the 15.5"Franklin Mint vinyl fashion dolls. These fashion doll patterns also fit the "Gene" and "Barbie" dolls.Our newer patterns come with 2 bodice in the larger size to also fit the 16" Tyler  by Tonner dolls and similar  other dolls.  Gwtw4ever is constantly working on new patterns for both sizes of fashion dolls. Our seamstress is not just doing  Civil War film patterns but is working on other fashions for famous gowns/costumes for the dolls so keep checking back for the latest new patterns. 

We have designed these pattern pages in the Pattern Gallery so you can see larger versions of the Gwtw4eveR fashion doll patterns.
Also see examples of " actual " doll dresses created by the pattern designer.

Enjoy your visit to Gwtw4ever.com.  If you have any questions please email us at gwtw4ever2@earthlink.net  and we will gladly answer  your questions.  While here take a look at our For Sale page of GWTWcollectibles and visit our Life-Size dress reproduction gallery pages.


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Civil War
Costume Patterns

   White Ruffles & Lace Dress               2 Tone Red Day Dress

    Floral Print Dress Pattern                   Blue Carriage Ride Dress

   Wedding Gown Dress Pattern            Ribbon Trimmed Betrothal

   Widow's Weeds Dress Pattern           Love Bird Evening Gown

   Green Holiday Dinner Dress              Winter Accessories Pattern

   1863 Christmas Dress Pattern            Green Velvet Robe Pattern

   Linen & Calico Apron Dress              Pink & Black Stripe Dress

   Orchid Calico Dress Pattern             Black & White Bengaline

 Green Velvet Drapes Dress                 Portrait In Blue Dress

      1860 Undergarments                        Plaid Business Dress Pattern

   Garnet*Red*Party Dress                     Red Velvet Robe Pattern

   Black Velvet Morning Gown              Fur Trimmed Paisley Robe

   Blue Jacket & White Dress                Blue Velvet Robe & Gown

            Sewing Circle Dress                     Civil War Foundations Pattern
Replica Portrait Dress

There are two (or more) different patterns on each page:
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Other  Civil War patterns 
 Blue Chevron Gown
 Embroidered Apron Dress

 Gray Garden Party -BBQ- PartyDress
 Blue Christmas Dinner Dress

 Red & White  ( Santaz) Visiting Suit
Black Mantle Dinner Dress
 Civil War Tuxedo


Other Famous Fashions

 1956 Princess Bridal Gown ( Princess Grace )

1981 Royal Wedding Gown (Princess Diana)

Regal Splendor Bride (Princess Catherine)

Royal Military Groom (Prince William)

Aqua Awards Dress (Grace Kelly)


Doll Patterns
Available in 2 variations:
Sized for 11.5" fashion dolls such as " Barbie"
Sized for 15.5" fashion dolls such as "Gene"
Some include separate bodice pieces for 16" dolls such as"Tyler".



~We also carry a full line of  "Southern Belle" Crochet Patterns please click here to view them~

Southern Belle Crochet Patterns
 Barbie size crochet patterns

Doll Image Gallery
View Photos of more doll costumes we have created

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Doll Patterns
Available in 2 variations:
Sized for 11.5" fashion dolls such as " Barbie"
Sized for 15.5" fashion dolls such as "Gene"


The 15.5" doll patterns are used for the Franklin Mint dolls. The seamstress has both the FM as well as the Gene mannequins. The patterns are drafted on the Gene mannequin;  however, the variation between the dolls is quite minor and you should be able to adjust the pattern as need be at the side seams. Our newer patterns come with 2 bodice in the larger size to also fit the 16" Tyler  by Tonner dolls and similar  other dolls. 
We have patterns for many dresses that the FM did not do at all, as well as more authentically correct versions of some of them that they did do.

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