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Here you will find pictures of other doll dresses that Gwtw4eveR has constructed for clients as well as ones being worked on for future doll patterns. We have been costuming dolls for 30 plus years in a large range of sizes from tiny miniatures to 42 inches in height. Please check back often as we will add to images to this gallery as we can.

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Doll Patterns inspired by our favorite heroine.
Available in 2 variations:
Sized for 11.5" fashion dolls such as "Barbie"
Sized for 15.5" fashion dolls such as "Gene"


The 15.5" doll patterns are used for the Franklin Mint dolls. The seamstress has both the FM as well as the Gene mannequins. The patterns are drafted on the Gene mannequin. However,  the variation between the dolls is quite minor and you should be able to adjust the pattern as need be at the side seams.  
 We have patterns for many dresses that the FM did not do at all,  as well as more authentically correct versions of some of them that they did do.

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