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We have taken many pictures of the Scarlett dresses as we made them. Most are detail pictures that are targeting a particular part of the gown. Many of these were taken when the gown was still being constructed and was not totally finished. Since it is so hard to show all of these on the pages for each individual gown, we thought a page that shows many more pictures in thumbnails would be helpful.  These can be enlarged for viewing. If you have any questions about any of the reproduction gowns please email us at gwtw4ever2@earthlink.net. To return back to any of the gown main pages for detailed descriptions just click the dress title that is blue.

Please Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

The BBQ Dress ~ The fabric for this gown is extremely difficult to photograph. The best color of the gown is the first image on the BBQ gown main page.  The sash appears black in many pictures but is a rich dark green velvet. The ribbon is also a dark green velvet. There are two different dress size variations in the thumbnails of this gown. The first group of bbq dress pictures are of dresses made for a tall lady about 5 foot 7, using 23 yards of the top print layer. The second group of images  are a gown made for a 5'2 tall lady using 18 yards of the print fabric. Both of the gowns are shown over 191 inch circumference hoop slips.



~Example BBQ dress made for 5 foot 2 frame lady~

The "Ruffle Dress" is also known as the opening scene dress , the prayer dress or the "for love of Tara" dress. The pictures were taken to show progress of the dress. The belt appears black but is a very vivid red velvet. Gown is shown here over a 175 inch hoop. The dress is  actually worn over a 191 inch bottom circumference hoop. You can see the difference on the ruffle dress page in Dee's and Marci's pictures. They both have the larger hoops but are very different in height: one is 5'7 and the other is 5'2.  Gown requires a large  heavy duty hoop.

The Portrait Gown ~ The dress is shown over a 191 inch hoop slip. This dress is a very deep blue velvet. The pictures were altered in color to show the detail. The first three images of the bodice that are dark blue are truer to the gown's color. This gown can be worn bustled in the back or simply let out the ties and have a draping train. We did not take pictures of the skirt bustle let down. We plan on taking some shortly and will post them here for you. In the mean time, for example purposes, we have loaded a picture of the porcelain Franklin Mint Scarlett doll in the portrait gown. We used the doll's dress as a reference when making this gown. The life size gown has an 18 inch drape at the back of the skirt when not bustled.

The "Red Dress" is also known as Ashley's Birthday Party dress ~ The Shame Gown and the Garnet Velvet dress. Photographing this dress and capturing the true color of the velvet  is difficult.  The velvet can look black, purple, and, of course, red as it appeared in the movie "Gone With the Wind". The dress actually is a deep rich BURGUNDY velvet. There are many pictures of this gown in several stages and there are a few different gowns in this group of pictures. We took several photographs of one of the gowns before we added all the ostrich feathers and plumes.  This will give you a chance to see all the intricate detailing on the dress before being obscured by the feathers. There are 2 different variations of bustled trains for the gown.  Also there are two different variations of glass or crystal drops that can be used on the bodice front. Additionally there is a choice of Swarovski Austrian crystal faceted stones or acrylic faceted stones either set in gold halo rims which are scattered all over the dress and trains. Once again, most of these images were color altered to show detailing.   


This is the garnet gown done in a deep red velvet


Ellen O'Hara's Prayer / Opening scene gown. This is just a absolutely stunning gown and sadly once again the fabric is so hard to get the true luster of this wonderful fabric.


Underpinnings ~ These garments can be made in any color you wish. This particular set are pink themed. We have made them with green and blue and red accents to name a few. Just use your imagination.   Scarlett's were blue, but you can have any color you would like.



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